Ilse Storb is professor for Systematic Musicology, including Jazz research, and is Europe's only female jazz professor. She studied music education, french, musicology and jazz in Köln, Paris (Sorbonne), Boston. She is a classical pianist and studied with: Prof. Erich Rummel, Musikhochschule Köln, Prof. Detlev Kraus, Folkwanghochschule Essen, Yvonne Lefébure and Vlado Perleuter, Paris. Her doctoral thesis was done on Claude Debussy. Her habilitation thesis on Dave Brubeck was published by Peter Lang in Germany (1990) and in New York (1994); her biography of Louis Armstrong was published in 1989 in Germany and 1999 in New York. She has written a jazz textbook for schools, and in 1971, together with Prof. Joe Viera she founded Duisburg University's Jazzlabor. In 1989 she produced the LP "Interaction" with eight groups of the Jazzlabor, and founded the Uni Duisburg Big Band. In 1991 she formed her own group: "Ilse and her Satchmos". She has organized five conventions for jazz education and improvised music, presented lectures, workshops, and concerts, and has appeared regularly in the press, radio, television, not only in Germany, but in Nigeria, Brazil, Tunisia (reanimation of the jazz festival Tabarka), Jordan, and Japan and China as well. She got her pianistic formation in Germany and Paris. She produced CD's with music from different styles and countries. Ilse Storb received the Distinguished Service Cross of the Federal Republic of Germany for her engagement concerning intercultural understanding through music.

Prof. Dr. Ilse Storb
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